$497.00 USD

Be Intentional Challenge + Ethos: Born This Way

You are UNIQUE, just like a fingerprint!


In order to live as the best YOU, you must first identify, articulate and connect to the part of you that makes you shine: YOUR ETHOS!

In this course...

  • You will be introduced to Live Your June and The June Framework that will help you unlock and connect to your true potential. 

  • You will determine your definition of 'Success', and how you can achieve it with high performance.

  • You will learn how to optimize your breathing for improved performance. 

  • You will have access to exercises and worksheets that will help you identify your:

    • Character & Values

    • Personal Philosophy

    • Declaration 

  • You will have access to a BONUS 1:1 Coaching Call with Wendy, where she will help you determine your next big move.

Ethos: Born This Way is your opportunity to discover what makes you great, and tap into that greatness.

Get clear on your most powerful instincts, so you can transform into the person you were born to be!


Remember... when you connect to your uniqueness, the possibilities are infinite.