Ep. 14 - Rekindling the Fire with Christina Cairoli

Uncategorized May 11, 2023

In this episode

Our conversation this week is with Christina Cairoli, founder of Splendid Torch, who helps people connect to their core values. In this episode she tells us about the work she does to support children, young adults, mothers, and even seniors. Christina is passionate about helping people find connection, purpose, and motivation to take control of their lives. She wants to help people, who are "working in the mailroom of their lives" see that they are actually the "CEOs of their lives".

About Christina Cairoli

Christina helps people of all ages find the fire within, and overcome their struggles – in learning and/or life. For more information, you can reach at [email protected]


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This week, on Journey to June, I spoke to Christina Cairoli, Founder of Splendid Torch, an organization that helps individuals connect to their core values. While there were many things to take away from our conversation, here are five things I wanted to talk about. 

1. We are in this world for a limited time. So we owe it to ourselves to live a life that is connected to our core. That’s what Christina believes and talks about. That’s the principle on which her entire business is based on. That our lives are like a splendid torch that burns bright for a short amount of time. It is important that we make sure it shines bright when we’re holding it, and then pass it on to the next generation.

2. Deep inside, everyone already knows their core values and desires. But many just need to have conversations about themselves so that they can move in that direction. I have always said that if you’re waiting for someone else to give you all the answers, it just means that you’re not ready to do the inner work. We ALWAYS have the answers, because no one knows our story and our journey like we do. It’s just about asking the right questions, paying attention to what speaks to us, and having the courage to make the shift necessary to make it happen.

3. Humans are constantly adapting; it all depends on how they show up for themselves. In order to become the person we were born to be, we must be willing to show up for ourselves. Our friends and loved ones can take us to the best coaches; they can send us links to the podcasts, and buy us all the right books. But if we don’t do the work on ourselves that these coaches, podcasts and books tell us, we can’t make the necessary shift in our mindset. And if we don’t make the shift, we don’t adapt in a way that is best for us.


4. Regardless of everything, everyone wants to feel seen, heard and loved. There are so many stories out there. Every single person out there has a story and a journey to share. At the end of the day, we all just want to see our journeys amount to something.

5. There are massive gaps in what is being taught in our public school systems, and freestyling education is not the answer. Education needs to be intentional so that children can learn how to learn and have a solid foundation that allows them to develop their core competencies. Foundation is key.


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