2020 Intentions

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2020

Happy New Year!

I am so excited about this new decade and starting off 2020. I have taken the last 2 weeks to reset for this upcoming year. For me, it is taking time to connect with myself, reflect and spiritually recharge so I am grounded and committed to my ambition and life’s purpose.  

But, here’s the challenge. Instead of the typical New Year’s resolutions that are merely a checklist, I want to challenge you to commit to a lifestyle, and a way of being, that could stick over the long-term. I want to encourage you to make a deeper intention in 2020. 

An intention for how we want to show up throughout the year is achievable in all areas of our lives. When we commit and focus on this way of thinking, and being, it takes us on a path of a deeper self-discovery. So, maybe now you’re asking yourself, “how can I practice this yearly intention?”

Number 1. Carve out time for yourself to choose one intention. That means sitting alone without your phone, without your kids, without an agenda and really ask yourself the simple question: ‘what one word do I want to intentionally walk into and represent fully this year? Really sit with it. Maybe you’ll have to test out one word until one really speaks to you. Give yourself space and time for that word to appear and have meaning for you. 

Number 2. Make the commitment for it to be visible in all areas of your life. Post it on your fridge, put an alarm on your phone every morning…make your intention a part of your being everyday. 

Number 3. Every morning you commit to the practice to connect to your one intention by simply asking yourself these questions…

            “What does my 2020 word mean to me today?”

Notice you might have emotions that stir up. Observe, acknowledge and accept those emotions…and now imagine what it would feel like, what would it look like, to live into that intention today? Be creative with your imagination and really stretch what’s possible.

At the end of the day, take a moment to recognize and celebrate when your thoughts, words and actions align with your intention. Resolutions don’t stick, get clear by being mindful and taking time to explore the idea of 2020, the year of ________. What is that for you? For me, 2020 is the year of CONNECTION. Connecting to myself, connecting to the people around me, connecting to my purpose, connecting to my work, connecting to my nature…

Here’s to the evolution of you and the adventure to come in 2020.



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